Project name:

Greater Port Harcourt : Stormwater Master Planning


Government of the Rivers State


Port Harcourt City, Rivers State, Nigeria

Project cost: R3 million
Project description 

Arcus GIBB Nigeria was involved in the development of the Integrated Development Plan for Greater Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  The process entailed the development of a master plan for the upgrading of stormwater facilities for the existing city and the planning and design of stormwater facilities for the new city. 

The study included the following aspects: 


-  Hydrological analysis
-  Hydraulics analysis
-  Water quality analysis
-  Environmental management
-  Stormwater management

Arcus GIBB Nigeria responsibilities 

  • Present and future developments and their effects on stormwater runoff volumes and peak flow rates
  • Analysis of rainfall data and compilation of the IDF curves for Port Harcourt
  • Determination of flood flow volumes at specific locations around the Port Harcourt catchment
  • Establish drainage system design criteria
  • Classification of the existing drainage system components
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of existing stormwater drainage systems
  • Preliminary design and layout of stormwater structure and extensions to the stormwater drainage system
  • Compilation of phased remedial works programmes
  • Floodline determination for natural watercourses
  • Preliminary design of stormwater structure for the new city




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