Swaziland is home to Dlamini GIBB, a subsidiary of multi multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm GIBB. With its head office located in Johannesburg South Africa, GIBB employs more than 900 professionals across Africa. The firm has a strong African orientation and a wide geographical footprint on the continent. 

Dlamini GIBB operated in the Kingdom of Swaziland as Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners from 1950 to 1975 during which time the major project was the planning, design, and supervision of construction of the Swaziland Irrigation Scheme (IYSIS) on the Komati River.

In 1983 GIBB established its own firm in Swaziland, Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners, Swaziland.  This was later changed to GIBB Swaziland (Pty) Ltd, which was registered in 1990.

During the most active period from 1975 to 1993 the areas of service were predominantly roads and transportation projects, water resource projects, water supply, wastewater and environmental projects, and building sector projects.

Today Dlamini GIBB relies on its expansive and in-depth understanding of Swaziland to deliver service excellence to private sector and state owned enterprises who seek knowledgeable people, with proven experience and the expertise.

Our experience
GIBB has executed various and complex projects across various sectors and engineering disciplines and remains committed to achieving excellence in every project. GIBB is proud to be the firm of choice for the continent’s greatest engineers, who are leading experts in their fields. GIBB’s technical expertise is enhanced through our relationships with various global partners.

A milestone project, and one that GIBB contributed to substantially, is the Sikhupe International Airport.

GIBB is conscious of the environment in which it operates in and continuously seeks ways to offer sustainable solutions on its projects.

The winning combination of top talent, in-depth industry knowledge, well-earned reputation for excellence and commitment to timeous, within budget delivery ensures that the client is guaranteed ultimate success of every project. GIBB’s long track record of industry awards is a testament of the recognition by our industry peers.

In addition to its traditional service offerings and in line with GIBB’s objectives of providing comprehensive solutions to clients, SVA International, one of Africa’s leading architectural practices has joined forces with the GIBB Group of firms. With offices in all major cities in South Africa and the rest of Africa, SVA’s areas of expertise include retail,  hospitality, commercial, health, education and residential.

Our markets
The markets GIBB operates in are:
• Transportation
• Freight and Logistics
• Power and Energy
• Water
• Sanitation
• Housing and Community Infrastructure
• Property Developments in retail, hospitality, commercial and residential
• Geotechnical and Tunnelling
• Natural and Built Environment
• Mining Infrastructure
• Health Infrastructure
• Education Facilities

Our capabilities 
GIBB provides the following core services to clients:
• Design
• Planning
• Management has expanded the GIBB offering beyond engineering, to architecture and urban planning.