Project name:

Information Management System for the Komati Downstream Development Project

Client name:

Government of Swaziland 



Project description 

GIBB and its co-consultant designed the Komati Information Management System (KIMS) which allows for the essential linking of spatial data to quantitative data within a project management system.  The system will be used for the subsequent management of the Komati Downstream Development Project, which includes 7 500 ha of irrigated agriculture and a resettlement plan affecting up to 2 000 homesteads.  As lead consultant with Hunting Technical Services, our services included Client’s needs analysis; assessment of types, quantity and format of existing data and future data to be collected; design and specification of KIMS hardware and software configurations; assessment of the skills and capabilities of client’s organisation to manage and operate KIMS; development of a training programme; and cost estimates to develop, establish and operate KIMS.


GIBB responsibilities 

  • A Geographic Information System incorporating all of the spatial data and its related attributes and combining data from a variety of sources, including maps, aerial photographs and tabular data, with the capacity to produce graphical and tabular output.
  • A Relational Database Management System to manage all of the non-spatial databases.


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