Project name:

Komati Basin Study

Client name:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, Swaziland Government

Location: Swaziland
Project description 

GIBB was the lead consultant with specialist inputs from Hunting Technical Services, Merz & McLellan and the UK Institute of Hydrology. Review and feasibility study for the Komati River Basin development.  Studies of possible long term options available for the development of storage dams in the Komati basin and the utilisation of the available water within Swaziland.  Our services included: planning studies to confirm optimum utilisation water resources; soil surveys;  agronomic, economic, legal, institutional and financial studies; irrigation system design; physical planning considerations; feasibility level studies for the Maguga Dam and power station; resettlement plan for 2 000 homesteads; and environmental impact assessment.

GIBB responsibilities 
  • Soil surveys of 20 000 ha
  • Agronomic and agro-economic studies and crop selection
  • Irrigation system design for 9 000 ha
  • 105 m high Maguga dam and 15 MW hydro-electric power station
  • Resettlement plan for 2 000 homesteads
  • Advice relating to international water treaty



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