Project name:

Luyengo - Nhlangano and Mliba - Msahweni Roads

Client name:

Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Swaziland Government

Location: Swaziland

US$33.6 million

Project description 

The project called for a study into the feasibility of improving the Luyengo-Sicunusa-Nhlangano and Mliba - Madlangampisi - Msahweni roads to a higher standard.  These gravel roads, which serve different agricultural areas of Swaziland, form parts of alternative routes linking the country's commercial and industrial centres of Manzini and Matsapha with eastern and northern border areas respectively. Both routes cross water courses, including two of Swaziland's major rivers.  Topographic and materials investigations identified possible major realignments at these crossings, which will result in significant distance savings.  General alignment improvements along the remaining route has provided improved road safety and economies to road users. Basic traffic flows were established, traffic forecasts were obtained and derived vehicle operating and road maintenance costs were applied.  This information, combined with time savings, reduced accident rates and socio-economic benefits, demonstrated the economic viability of the estimated capital investment needed to upgrade the road. The environmental impact of road improvements was also assessed by focusing on project effects and their enhancement or mitigation, rather than upon an extensive resources inventory. New alignments were designed and investigations into best solution alignments on mountainous sections included lowering geometric standards but maintaining safety standards by separating traffic lanes. A detailed hydrological investigation was carried out, hydrological studies were undertaken at all river crossings to size major drainage structures.  Structure foundations were drilled and bridges designed. Detailed specifications and conditions of contract were drawn up, and contract documents prepared for a total 140 km of road, including ten full width bridges up to 132 m long.


GIBB responsibilities 
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Detailed engineering design and preparation of contract documents



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