Project name:

MR5 MR6 Road

Client name:

Nippon Koei Co. Ltd

Location: Swaziland

E450 million

Project description 

The MR5/MR6 is the last section of Swaziland’s main road network that is currently unpaved.  Given that these roads could serve to link Manzini, the industrial heartland of Swaziland, to the Maputo Corridor in RSA, their importance to Swaziland is significant. Hence Swaziland secured a loan from the Japanese Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) to facilitate upgrading/reconstruction. Nippon Koei Co. Ltd was appointed as Project Consultant, together with two Swazi firms.  Nippon Koei retained the services of GIBB to provide the Project Manager, the Resident Engineer, as well as specialist and routine technical inputs. The project entails the review of about 120 km’s of rural freeway executed by different consultants over the past 10 years, and the consolidation of same into one consistent design and documentation set. Thereafter the consultant is responsible for the pre-qualification and procurement of the Contractor under JBIC rules, and following this, the supervision of construction.

GIBB responsibilities 

  • Large rural freeway infrastructure project
  • International funders (JBIC)
  • International procurement
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Documentation & Procurement
  • Construction Supervision


Head Office: 54 Maxwell Drive, Woodmead 2191, Johannesburg, South AfricaTel: +27 (0)11 519 4600