Project name:

Swaziland Irrigation Scheme

Client name:

Commonwealth Development Corporation & Inyoni Yami Swaziland Irrigation Scheme

Location: Swaziland

US$3.5 million (1958) and US$2 million (1983)

Project description 

A two phase development of an irrigation canal fed from the Komati River at Mhlume.  This involved the abstraction of irrigation water from the Komati River and the construction of a main canal.  The first 1 km of the canal was concrete lined and was constructed to its ultimate capacity from the outset; the remaining 23 km was unlined and was constructed to a stage one capacity of 6 m3/s with the intention of widening later to its full capacity of 10 m3/s.  The original scheme was commissioned in 1958.  Due to water shortages and as a result of major developments within South Africa in the upper Komati catchment coinciding with below average rainfall,  GIBB was commissioned in 1983 to carry out a study of alternative methods of optimising abstractions from the Komati River.  This study recommended that Phase 2 of the original scheme should be constructed to bring its capacity up to the maximum figure of 10 m3/s allowed by the Water Award.

GIBB responsibilities 

  • Diversion weir for abstraction of up to 10 m3/s
  • Construction of 35 km of main canal
  • onstruction of canal control structures, turnouts and bridges
  • Detailed design & supervision of construction (1955-58)
  • Study of alternative methods of optimising abstractions from the Komati River (1983)
  • Water Engineering

Head Office: 54 Maxwell Drive, Woodmead 2191, Johannesburg, South AfricaTel: +27 (0)11 519 4600