GIBB provides comprehensive transportation solutions in the fields of rail, urban and rural roads, airports and aviation, ports, transportation policy and planning. 

Our services include: 
  • Policy development 
  • Integrated transport planning 
  • Concept designs 
  • Feasibility studies • Business case development 
  • Detail designs 
  • Contract management 
  • Concessions, development and management 
  • Asset condition assessment and rehabilitation planning 
  • Technical advisory services 

Our Transportation Team is supported by Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s), freight and logistics and economic and financial planning expertise available within GIBB. 

Traffic and transport capabilities: 
GIBB’s Traffic and Transport Services Sector provides a comprehensive range of services to both public and private clients that include transport planning, engineering and policy, traffic engineering, public transport planning and operations and transport economics and freight logistics.

Traffic and transport related services:
  • Transportation planning, engineering and policy 
  • Transport statutory plans 
  • Transport policy development 
  • Transportation modelling 
  • Transport master planning 
  • Integrated transport planning 
  • Non-Motorised/intermediate transport planning 
  • Rural transport planning 
  • Special needs passenger planning 
  • Events transport planning and management 
  • Freight transport planning 
  • Transport corridor development 
  • Toll studies 
  • GIS modelling and mapping 

Public transportation planning and operations 
  • Public transport planning 
  • Public transport restructuring and rationalisation 
  • Bus Rapid Transit planning 
  • Integrated rapid public transport networks 
  • Public transport operations design, monitoring and assessment 
  • Public transport priority schemes 
  • Inter-modal system and facilities planning 
  • Transit oriented development 
  • Passenger demand modelling 
  • Public transport surveys and data collection 
  • Public transport contracts design 
  • Subsidy and contract management 
  • Passenger rail planning 
  • Pedestrian flow and demand modeling 

Traffic Engineering 
  • Transport and traffic impact studies 
  • Road intersection and network capacity analysis 
  • Traffic modelling and simulation 
  • Traffic signal design and implementation 
  • Road safety audits and improvements 
  • Road access management 
  • Traffic calming 
  • Intelligent Transport System (ITS) planning and design 
  • Traffic surveys and data collection 
  • Travel demand management studies 
  • Parking studies 
  • Site development plans 
  • Precinct and campus travel plans 
  • HAZMAT and incident management systems 

Transport economics and freight logistics 
  • Transport economics 
  • Logistics planning 
  • Supply chain analysis 
  • Cost-benefit analysis 
  • Transport economic modelling 
  • Fleet management

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