GIBB Environmental has a wealth of experience in planning, co-ordination, management and execution of a wide range of environmental projects. It aims to promote environmental sustainability, ensure legislative compliance and offer world-class environmental solutions to clients. The firm’s service covers the entire value chain for environmental services, leveraging decades of experience, and comes with a proven track record and the technical excellence of its people.

Our offerings broadly cover Licensing Services (EIAs and WULAs), Mining Environmental Services, Solid Waste Planning, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Monitoring (air quality, groundwater and marine), Sustainability and Strategic Projects, and Specialist Services (flora, fauna and wetland assessments).


Site Planning

Site Master Planning.
Open Space Strategic Planning.
Site Planning and Design.
Site Grading and Stormwater Design.
Site Construction Details.
Site Work Specifications.
Municipal Site Plan Permitting.

Landscape Design

Landscape Master Plans.
Hardscape Design.
Planting Design.
Streetscape and Street Tree Plans.
Municipal Requirements.
Street Furniture Design.
Wetlands Mitigation and Enhancements.

Environmental Planning

Visual Impact Assessments.
Resource Management.
Green Infrastructure Planning.
Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).
Rehabilitation and Restoration Plans.
Rehabilitation Guidelines.
Land Restoration (mining).

Types of Projects:

Campuses and School Grounds.
Corporate Office Parks.
Golf Courses.
Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens.
Estates and Housing Developments.
Mixed-use Developments.
Public Plazas.
Public Parks and Squares.
Recreation Facilities.
Renovations and Upgrading.
Sculpture Gardens.
Sports Fields.
Stormwater Management.
Suburban Streetscapes.
Swimming Pools and Water Features.
Tennis and Sports Courts.
Resorts and Nature Reserves.
Walking and Biking Trails.
Wetland Construction and Rehabilitation.

Selected Project Experience

Eskom Nuclear-1: the proposed construction, operation and decommissioning of a conventional nuclear power station and associated infrastructure.


Eskom Holdings SOC Limited

Western and Eastern Cape Provinces, South Africa

GIBB’s Responsibilities:
GIBB acted as the Environmental Impact Practitioner in terms of the application for Environmental Authorisation. This included managing the scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment process over a 10 year period, compilation of an Environmental Management Programme, public participation process and input into appeal responses.

Mozambique – Zimbabwe – South Africa transmission line


KPMG South Africa

Mozambique-Zimbabwe-South Africa

GIBB’s Responsibilities:
GIBB’s tasks included advisory and environmental services as part of a consortium for the construction of transmission lines. This included the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Mpumalanga Province Environmental Outlook Report


Mpumalanga Provincial Government

Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

GIBB’s Responsibilities:
GIBB undertook the compilation of the new Mpumalanga Province Environmental Outlook Report which included stakeholder engagement.

Port Harcourt waste planning and design of waste transfer stations and landfill.


Greater Port Harcourt Development Authority

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

GIBB’s Responsibilities:
GIBB was tasked with the compilation of an Integrated Waste Management Plan for the city of Port Harcourt.  The plan included the detailed planning and design of waste transfer stations, drop off facilities and landfills across the city of Port Harcourt.

Molten Metal Poured at Foundry

Vale Moçambique

Moatize, Mozambique

GIBB’s Responsibilities:
Air quality monitoring and equipment maintenance services for the mine’s four air quality monitoring stations and two meteorological stations.