Urban and Rural Planning

GIBB’s Urban and Rural Planning services is a related service within the Integrated Infrastructure Sector. This sector provides solutions to both public and private clients as a market leader in the planning, design and delivery of infrastructure solution projects throughout South Africa and Africa.

The Categories are : urban-rural-planning

Urban development services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering services reports
  • Design of roads, stormwater, sewer and water services
  • Contract administration
  • Project management
  • Geotechnical investigations

Our Services Include

  • Regional, urban and rural planning and development strategies
  • Land development potential studies
  • Urban renewal and development plans


  • Urban growth management policies
  • Township design and establishment
  • Rezoning, subdivisions and all planning legislative issues/applications

Lords View Industrial Park

Lords Trust
South Africa

Greater Accra Spatial Development Framew...

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

City of Johannesburg (CoJ) Special Devel...

City of Johannesburg
Gauteng, South Africa

GIBB opens doors for young civil engineer

Young Engineer

As one of South Africa’s leading consulting engineering firms, GIBB continues to pave the way for bright young minds across the country. As part of GIBB’s continuous development of its people and up and coming engineers, the f...

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Water restrictions here to stay

dripping tap

Water conservation experts say restrictions implemented in parts of the country are likely to remain in place for a while. The experts were speaking at a panel discussion hosted by washing powder brand 'Sunlight' in Sandton, wh...

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Reaching your full potential, leads to endless opportunities

Kate Murphy

As a Junior Civil Engineer at GIBB, Kate Murphy owes her successful career at a young age to her own perseverance and determination. She strives harder each day to make a positive impact on the lives of the people around her, thro...

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The need for women town planners

Women Townplanners

Women are fast becoming valuable resources in the engineering industry, however, there is a need for more women to pursue town planning as a career. Statistics provided by the South African Council for Professional Planners indica...

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Responsible practice could eliminate water-shedding

Jacques Laubscher

Water-shedding is a concept borrowed from the electricity sector due to the country’s dwindling water supply. However, according to Jacques Laubscher, senior associate integrated infrastructure and business development manager ...

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