Mochudi Link Rail Bridge

Project Description

The A13 single carriageway road crosses the Gaborone Francistown Railway, just north of the Village of Pilane, north of Gaborone.  The Bridge Abutments, Pier, foundations and two outer decks are of reinforced concrete and the central deck, which sits over the main rail line, comprises of pre-tensioned pre-stressed reinforced beams with a reinforced concrete slab over the beams.  One meter high New Jersey Parapets have been installed along the full length of each deck edge.  The road-over-rail bridge 31 m long has 3 spans: two of 11 m length and one of 9 m.  The bridge is founded on end bearing piles 0.4 m diameter and approximately 8 m deep.  The deck is over 12 m wide to accommodate two 2.4 m surfaced shoulders and two traffic lanes 3.7 m wide.

Client:Botswana Roads Department