Project Description

A study was carried out on the Takoradi – Agona Junction road which forms part of the Elubo – Takoradi – Accra – Aflao coastal trunk road. This is part of the Trans African Highway network linking Cote d’Ivoire with Togo, Benin and Nigeria.  The road has existed as a paved road for many years, however, due to the combined effects of increased traffic loading and less than adequate maintenance, the road was in urgent need of rehabilitation or reconstruction.  The total length of road within the study was 28 km.

The objectives of the study were to provide sufficient information and analysis for the Government of Ghana and Danida to: confirm viability of a road rehabilitation projects with a design life of 20 years; technically assess alternative improvement options in order to identify an optimal solution; and provide recommendations to enable Danida to decide whether to proceed with the project.  During this study, the following surveys were undertaking: traffic surveys, including an axle load study; road condition surveys, including a bump integrator survey to measure pavement roughness and dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) testing; materials investigations to locate and verify availability/ suitable construction materials; a full hydrological survey of the road drainage system; accident data collection; and an environmental impact assessment.  Following analysis of the results from the various surveys, the most appropriate rehabilitation measures were identified and the economic viability of these tested.


Client:Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida