Tolling of Ngwenya – Mbabane – Manzini Road (MR3)

Project Description

The Government of Swaziland (GoS), through the office of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MoPWT), had explored possibilities of funding future capital and/or rehabilitation and/or maintenance programmes along the main corridors in Swaziland. Tolling was one such funding mechanism that was identified to warrant further investigation. Consequently, a request for the provision of specialist Consulting/ Advisory Services for the tolling of the Ngwenya – Mbabane – Manzini corridor was issued.  The Swazi Toll Advisory Consortium (STAC), put together by GIBB, was awarded the consultancy and the objective of the investigation wais to determine the rehabilitation and preventative maintenance requirements for the roads along the corridor during the concession period of 22 + 5 years remaining life at the end of the concession period. Tasks performed were initial and detailed rehabilitation condition assessment of the roads and rehabilitation investigations as well as cost analysis.


Client:Government of Swaziland, Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Location:South Africa