GIBB Profile

GIBB Profile


GIBB recognises and appreciates the potential offered by the African continent.  Accordingly, GIBB has, over the years, developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges of developing infrastructure in Africa. This has contributed to the firm’s position as the partner of choice for the private sector, state owned enterprises (SOEs)  and  governments  who  seek  knowledgeable people,  with  proven  experience  and  the  expertise  to respond to the numerous infrastructure demands and needs of the continent.

Our Experience

GIBB  has  executed  various  and  complex  projects across  various  sectors  and  engineering  disciplines across  many  African  countries.  The  firm  remains  committed  to  achieving  excellence  in every project, and is  proud  to  be  the  firm of choice for the continent’s  greatest  engineers,  who  are  leading  experts in their fields. GIBB’s technical expertise is enhanced through our relationships with various global partners.

GIBB  is  conscious  of  the  environment  in  which  it operates  in  and  continuously  seeks  ways  to  offer sustainable solutions on its projects.

The winning    combination    of  top-talent,    in-depth  industry  knowledge,  well-earned  reputation for  excellence  and  commitment  to  timeous,  within budget delivery    ensures    that    the  client  is    guaranteed ultimate  success  of  every  project.  GIBB’s long track  record of industry awards is a testament of the recognition by our industry peers.

Our Service Offering

In addition to its traditional service offerings and in line with GIBB’s objectives of providing comprehensive solutions to clients, SVA International, one of Africa’s leading architectural practices has joined forces with the GIBB Group of firms. This has expanded the GIBB offering beyond engineering, to architecture and urban planning.

With  offices  in  all  major  cities  in  South  Africa  and the  rest  of  Africa,  SVA’s  areas  of  expertise  include retail,  hospitality,  commercial,  health,  education  and residential.

Our Project exposure

The  GIBB  Group  of  firm’s  operates  across  the  entire  Africa  continent  and  has  recently  undertaken projects in:

Angola,  Botswana,  Ghana,  Lesotho,  Malawi,  Mozambique,  Namibia,  Nigeria,  Rwanda,  Seychelles,  Swaziland,  Tanzania,  Uganda,  Cameroon,  DRC,  Mauritius, Ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya, Djibouti, Gambia, and Zambia.

Our Markets

  The markets GIBB operates in are:

• Transportation

• Freight and Logistics

• Power and Energy

• Water  

• Sanitation

• Housing and Community Infrastructure

• Property Developments  in retail, hospitality, commercial and residential

• Geotechnical and Tunnelling

• Natural and Built Environment

• Mining Infrastructure

• Health Infrastructure

• Education Facilities

Our Capabilities 

GIBB provides the following core services to clients:

• Design

• Planning

• Management

Our Value Proposition

GIBB’s value proposition to its clients is derived from the following:

Exceptional Customer sights

GIBB’s consultative approach relies on robust tools   and techniques to analyse future industry dynamics    to the application of real options. This helps GIBB to reduce the scope of project uncertainty in which our clients have to exercise judgement.

Industry foresight

GIBB has exceptional local market knowledge. Through  work  in  various  industries  and  different    markets in Africa, GIBB has a good understanding of    the  forces  at  work  within  most  industries  and    markets.  The  firm’s  engagement  process  designed  to  build  consensus  as  to  what  is  more relevant and then provide clients with a set of clear,   prioritised and readily implementable recommendations.

Disciplined Implementation

GIBB’s ISO 9001 certification ensures that projects are  delivered  according  to  the  highest  levels  of  quality.      

Project management expertise derived from undertaking  multi-disciplinary  projects  across  the continent  ensures  that  projects  are  delivered  on  time and budget.

Organisational strengths

GIBB’s  vast  pool  of  highly  experienced  engineers,  robust internal processes, strong performance and client culture underpinned by execution excellence, ensures  that  clients  receive  quality  service  level   and customised attention.

Head Office: 54 Maxwell Drive, Woodmead 2191, Johannesburg, South AfricaTel: +27 (0)11 519 4600