Project name: Francistown Water Master Plan
Client name: Water Utilities Corporation
Location: Botswana
Project value: P300 million

Project Description
This study addressed the augmentation of water supply infrastructure to the region around Francistown. With recommendations for an Immediate Works programme for the extension of the 1990 Shashe Water Treatment Plant. Refurbishment of the 1982 Plant, construction of a new pipeline to Gerald Estates, construction of reservoirs and upgrading of the Area L pumping facility.

ACE GIBB Responsibilities

  • Water demand projections to the year 2021
  • Risk analysis of the existing assets
  • Database analysis of water consumption of consumer types
  • Hydrological studies of available surface water resources
  • Report on the reuse of treated waste water
  • Formulation of primary/secondary assets with expenditure options
  • Water supply network model of the existing and future reticulation system
  • Environmental scoping report
  • Review of the operation and maintenance issues
  • Overview of the institutional aspects
  • Financial appraisal



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