The Nigerian chapter of Arcus GIBB was established in 2009 as the Nigerian subsidiary of GIBB Holdings  (GIH).  The firm delivers world-class solutions across a diverse range of markets and the technical know-how to achieve the best results for our clients.

GIBB  is  a  100%  African  owned  firm  with  its head  office  in  Johannesburg  and  the  Nigerian  head  office  in  Port-Harcourt,  Rivers  State. 

The Firm’s  in-depth  consulting,  design  and  management  approach  allows  for  a  good  working  relationship  with clients to fully meet the needs and outcomes required on any project. This is underpinned by our ISO 9001 quality system for which GIBB has been certified since 1999. 

GIBB recognises the potential of Nigeria and has a comprehensive insight into the needs of a developing country. This has contributed to the firm’s position as the partner of choice for the private sector, parastatals and ministries who seek knowledgeable people, expertise and excellence.

GIBB remains committed to achieving excellence in every project.  GIBB is  proud  to  be  the  firm  of choice for the continent's greatest engineers who are leading experts in their fields. GIBB’s technical expertise is  enhanced  through  relationships  with  the firm’s  global partners.

GIBB is conscious of the environment they operate in and continuously seek ways to offer sustainable solutions on all projects.

The  winning  combination  of  team  of  top  talent, well-earned  reputation  for  excellence,  in-depth industry  knowledge  and  commitment  to  timeous, within  budget  delivery  ensures  that  you  will  be guaranteed ultimate success of your project. Our long track record of industry awards is a statement of the recognition by our industry peers.