GIBB opens doors for young civil engineer

As one of South Africa’s leading consulting engineering firms, GIBB continues to pave the way for bright young minds across the country. As part of GIBB’s continuous development of its people and up and coming engineers, the firm has a myriad of programmes to upskill, mentor and grow the talent locally.
Known as the ‘father of the nation’ and South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world”.
Twenty-four-year-old, Herman Kalula holds a Civil Engineering qualification from the University of Johannesburg and is currently a Graduate Engineer in the Integrated Infrastructure Services Sector at GIBB’s Johannesburg offices.
Having always enjoyed and excelled in the Visual Arts area, Kalula’s inquisitive nature for structures and with South Africa hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup led him to consider a Civil Engineering career. “I have always been astounded by the visuals we studied in high school and the construction of the fantastic stadiums in South Afrcia at the time inspired me to become a civil engineer, ” explained Kalula.
Kalula described his experience at GIBB as enlightening and fruitful. “My training and experience continue to add to the thrill of dealing with day-to-day challenges that present itself to me. With each unique problem, I get an opportunity to apply my mind, learn from the experience, allows me to think more crtitically about the task at hand and complete the task more efficiently,” mentioned Kalula.
Throughout his career, Kalula has been part of the team involved in various projects such as the Special Development Zones initiative in Johannesburg and the Savanna City Housing Development, south of Johannesburg. He recently presented the CPP module to final year students at the University of Johannesburg, which he described as a memorable experience. “As a young engineer who has a hunger for growth, I am always eager to impart knowledge as well as upskill other aspiring engineers,” Kalula said.
Although dedicated to growing as a Civil Engineer, this optimistic individual has set his sight on becoming a professional registered engineer. After accomplishing this milestone, he aims to enrol for a masters qualification with the aim of becoming a Geotechnical Engineer.
Inspired by people such as his lecturer and fellow GIBB colleagues, Kalula encourages aspiring engineers to follow career paths that will bring them absolute fulfilment. “Young people should be passionate about both their studies and careers. If you are passionate, you will have an aptitude for success and greatness. When one works hard, victories become a certain result,” Kalula proudly said.

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